Destination: Peru

Peru Unveiled


Enshrouded in cloud forest and perched amongst Andean peaks sits a vast ancient city lost to civilization until only the last century. After Spanish conquest drove the Incans from their capital Cusco and the surrounding areas, it didn’t take the jungle long to reclaim Machu Picchu, concealing it from mankind for hundreds of years.

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Knowmad News: Exploring Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Dear Traveler, Knowmad Adventures proudly provides active, authentic and sustainable travel experiences for independent-minded adventurers and small groups to Chile and Argentina. However there is still more adventure to be had and in order to grow, we’ve got to go.

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Lake Minnetonka Magazine

A big thank you to our friends at Lake Minnetonka Magazine for featuring us in their February issue. To read the article request a copy of the magazine here.

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