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Crossing the Andes: Explore Chile, Argentina & Patagonia with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum & Knowmad Adventures

Bariloche Travel

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in conjunction with Knowmad Adventures is proud to host this encore of the beloved, “Crossing the Andes: Explore Chile, Argentina and Patagonia.” This 13-day small group trip from January 21st to February 2nd will highlight the incredible landscapes of Chile and Argentina as well as the varied cultures throughout these regions while visiting

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Parting Shots: Custom Inca Trail Trip

Machu Picchu Trips

After returning home from a phenomenal custom Inca trail trip in Peru, Mary Fransen took time to reflect on the incredible memories she and her friends created not too long ago. She remembered hiking curiously on paths forged hundreds of years ago, exchanging stories with friends, and marveling at intricate agricultural terraces and magnificent ruins. Mary shares

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Celebrating 6 Years of South America Travel

South America Travel Specialists - Knowmad Adventures

I came across this lovely little verse the other day and confused emotion swelled within me. We talk a lot about experiences, adventures and journeys here at Knowmad Adventures and it’s likely that we’re referring to a week or two in South America. Frankly, for us this has become almost commonplace as we have the

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