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World Wide Image

Local Peruvian Woman

Oh my life is rough – here I’ve been finding myself going through countless amazing images of South America as my job. Couldn’t help but share some of these that haven’t quite made it into any of our publications yet… Un Beso, Tara Ps. All of these photos were taken on travels to South America

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8 Women, 8 Days in Peru

Amy is one of eight women recently returning from eight days in Peru. The women’s group connected through AdventureHer and created a custom Knowmad itinerary journeying through Lima, the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and more. Muchisimas gracias to Amy for her delightful travel journal. Below are just a couple morsels from the full journal.

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Money Matters in Chile

1000 Chilean Pesos

Today one U.S. dollar equals 484 Chilean pesos and of course exchange rates fluctuate, so check online before your trip to Chile – I like For those of you out there like me, quick math has never been my thing (especially when in a foreign language!) so the following is a little system I’ve

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Pin Us on Pinterest

Because images are some of our most beloved things here at Knowmad (after traveling of course), we are more than thrilled to announce our arrival to one of the most amazing image sharing sites out there – If you haven’t heard about it, and beautiful photos of anything and everything from pets to hair

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Gastronomy: Merken in Food & Wine Magazine

Cooking With Merken

While perusing through the August issue of Food & Wine the other week I was delighted to find that not only was Minneapolis (Jordan and I’s hometown) featured as a foodie’s paradise, but Knowmad’s favorite spice, Merken, from Chile got a mention as well. I’ve of course been throwing it on everything since…roasted tomatoes (yum),

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Explorer’s Corner: Honeymoon South America

Honeymoon South America

Megan and Tom recently returned from their perfect post wedding vacay, a honeymoon South America style – they climbed the Inca Trail to the majestic archeological site of Machu Picchu, recuperated in Cusco, and ended their travels kayaking on Lake Titicaca.

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Quinua Villa Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel

This has to be one of my absolute all time favorite hotels – if not places in the world! Located in Cusco, Quinua Villa Boutique Hotel adopts its name from the nutritious Andean grain. It is lovingly owned and operated by an Italian expat named Cristiano who welcomed us with open arms.

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Parting Shots: Chile


Overjoyed to be visiting their son in Chile after not seeing him for months while he studies abroad, Larry and Betty Oestenstad returned with great travel tales and photos. Helping plan the Oestenstad’s trip to discover the country their son Trevor had fallen for was especially gratifying to me, as a study abroad experience in

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Book Review: Death in the Andes

Death in the Andes

The high Andean Cordillera of Peru is where Mario Vargas Llosa weaves this tale. Tomasito, a young Lieutenant, finds himself stationed in Naccos – a desolate and dying town commenced with a now closed mine and surviving by building and rebuilding a road that’s continuously buried by landslides but leads nowhere anyways. Lituma, the Corporal,

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